Office Visits/Billing

Since the billing process and the mailing of bills adds to the cost of medical care, we request that all routine office visits, co-pays and deductibles be paid at the time of service. In this manner, we can cooperate to keep the cost of your medical care under control.

Estimate of Charges

Coppell Pediatrics will provide the parent/legal guardian or patient an estimate the cost of a proposed medical service if requested by an uninsured patient, a patient not covered by a government program, or an insured patient seeking out-of-network service. The estimate may be qualified to indicate that:

  • Charges may vary based on the patient’s condition and other factors related to the art of practicing medicine:
  • The request can delay the scheduling of care;
  • The actual charges may differ from the amount paid by the third-party payer; and,
  • The patient is personally liable for the services not paid by health insurance.

The parent or legal guardian takes the responsibility of deciding whether to proceed immediately with treatment or to await the estimate. Health plans also must estimate the amount an insured patient will pay for proposed services if requested. For in-network services, physicians or front office staff may direct patients to make such inquiries to their health plan.

Itemized Billing Statements

A parent/legal guardian or patient may request an itemized statement of the charges for professional services within one year of receiving care. The Physician’s office has 10 business days to comply.

Physicians, upon request, also must provide a plain language explanation of charges previously made on a bill or statement and, a Physician has 30 days to refund any overpayment by a patient once he or she becomes aware of the overpayment. We will refund the amount if no other outstanding charges are pending at the time.

A request for an itemized statement of charges for professional services rendered greater than one year ago, will be subject to a $25.00 charge for each year itemized.

Payment Plans and Collections

Billing statements greater than $200.00, over any applicable co-payment or deductible, must state in plain language that the physician will not furnish adverse information to consumer reporting agencies regarding amounts owed by the patient, if the patient finalizes a payment plan agreement within 45 days of receiving the first statement. There is no requirement that Physicians and Patients agree over payments; rather the law requires Physicians to offer patients an opportunity to discuss payment. Failure to comply with a written signed payment plan for Coppell Pediatrics will be turned over to collections after 45 days.

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