Welcome to Our Practice

Pediatrics is the specialty dealing with newborns, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. It includes both the evaluation and treatment of well and ill children. As pediatricians, we evaluate the nutritional, physical, neurologic, developmental and emotional aspects of children. We also do prenatal consultations for both normal and complicated pregnancies.

Pediatric Services

We provide not only routine pediatric care, but also the following services or treatments:

  • laceration repair
  • sprains/fracture care
  • removal of foreign bodies from eyes, ears, nose or skin
  • cryosurgery to remove warts
  • acne treatment
  • prenatal consultations for normal and complex newborns
  • circumcisions
  • sports and camp physicals
  • adoption consultations for native and foreign adoptions
  • asthma and allergy treatment
  • minor trauma care

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